“We (go) in the lab figuratively; and at times literally; to profile innovation, creativity, storyline, narrative, and etcetera. While understanding; and subsequently applying; cultural relevance.”-NTD

“More Than Just Selfcare OTHER category of interests are relevatenting and coorelating into the ecosystem and climate {including organics/repurposing/upcycling}, storytelling and other entertainment; ALSO residential and commercial building.”-NTD

“A Public Entity. 1) Can be a NGO, a non government organization generally – non-profit. Or, 2) a Publicly Traded Co – generally for-profit; but reports to shareholders. IN all cases (GridZoneLab X) will do for-profit niche, ad hoc, demographic oriented research, package, and delivery.”-NTD

Founded by Nikki T. Duvall; Austin, Texas. Visit LinkedIn for more details.